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Welcome to Honda Medics Of Charleston LLC’s online page. We specialize in Honda & Acura repairs, diagnostics, and performance upgrades. We are dedicated to provide you with professional & quality services. Our number one goal is to repair your vehicle correctly the first time and to deliver you 100% customer satisfaction.


Our company was born in November 2009 right here in the historic Charleston area with the mind set to provide honest, fast, quality service. Our technicians have an overall combined experience level of 35 plus years in the automotive industry. Each technician has a ASE certified background as well as factory training to your specific Honda or Acura model.


Here at Honda Medics of Charleston LLC we like to implement a repair plan that prioritizes your repair needs, this way we cover to most critical repairs that will hinder your safety and save you costs over a period of time. We take pride in knowing your specific vehicle inside and out to provide you with highest quality of service. We provide a wide range of repair services focusing on the routine maintenance to maintain the longevity of your investment. By performing your routine maintenance checks with us we are able to keep your vehicle in good working order limiting any unforeseen surprises.


Jermell Davis has been in the automotive industry since 1996. He started his automotive career in the detail department at the local ford dealership. After cleaning countless cars, he wanted more of a challenge and to work more hands on. Jermell was given the opportunity to move inside of the repair shop. He was given a lube tech position and held that position for a couple months but wanted more of a challenge. He begged his current boss to please give him the opportunity to do more hands-on repairs, so his boss gave him the opportunity to become an entry level line tech. He held this position for a couple years but never found the love for the ford brand.  Jermell had a friend that was a salesman at the local Honda dealer that informed him that they were looking for a line tech, so he applied and was given the opportunity to work as an entry level line tech. This was the start of something powerful. Jermell found the passion for the Honda brand. He sold his Infiniti that he modified with several different stereo systems and bought his first Honda civic coupe. It wasn’t long after that that he was modifying and upgrading parts to make the civic go faster.


He was brought up around drag racing in his hometown of Maryland. His mom, brother, and uncle was big into drag racing and would take him to the race track every weekend. He has always been around cars as a kid and took on his families passion. As a kid Jermell use to find ways to modify his bike and other toys to make them perform better. With this in mind we can see how he developed the passion for cars and making things better. Moving forward Jermell decided to take other technician/service writer positions gaining his ASE certifications along the way.


Midway through Jermell’s career he took his first leap of faith and partnered up with a friend of his to open up a customizing shop. This fail through after a couple years an so Jermell decided to hop back into the technician world. Jermell landed a job at the local Nissan dealer. He was with the Nissan brand for several years until given the opportunity to transfer to the Acura brand. Jermell was very excited with the Acura brand gaining his factory training along the way, but one day Jermell had this warm feeling in his heart that it was time to take another leap of faith and venture out on his own again, so back in November of 2009 Jermell decided to open up his own established to provide his clients with the highest quality of service and client satisfaction. Today Jermell is still in business providing the same great service and client satisfaction that you deserve as one of our clients. 

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